Site Selection

The first step for this project is to determine a site location for the proposed airport. The four locations below were chosen by performing an in depth desk study. Following this, each site was visited by the group to determine the viability to support a general aviation airport. There were ten criteria that were analyzed to systematically rank these sites from best to worst. The four sites that were analyzed were located in Camarillo, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and Moreno Valley.

 The criteria (in order of importance):
    • Airspace Obstructions
    • Airport Coordination
    • Land Use/Cost
    • Engineering Factors
    • Convenience to Users
    • Design and Layout
    • Environmental Factors
    • Atmospheric Conditions
    • Animal Hazards
    • Utility Availability

Each site was given a score for each category ranging from 4 to 0, with 4 being the best and 0 being a failing score. From this, the score was then multiplied by the importance factor ranging from 10 to 1. This gives a maximum score of 220 points for any site and the site with the highest score is chosen. After this detailed analysis the Moreno Valley site scored a 169 which was 30 points higher then the next leading site (Moorpark). For a more detailed report of this analysis, please see Chapter 2 of the Master Plan.